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Our Reviews: Testimonials

Debra Crosswell -

"We had got to the end of our tether with our dogs barking but after spending time with Kyle he corrected her behaviour and now she is completely different
I’m so glad I came across this company"


Skye Prince -

"Ted had developed some separation anxiety issues over lockdown and after moving house and seeing an even bigger change in his behaviour, we decided to bring Kyle in. From the moment he came to our house, he took control of Ted and was fantastic with his approach. Not only do we have a technique that works now, but we are seeing improvements every day we leave him. We are persevering with our training and I've even had a few more text with Kyle for some reassurance. I'm confident we're finally cracking this so a huge thank you! Ted says thanks too!"


Karen Bradley -

"From the first meeting with Kyle our puppy was much calmer. His technique has worked wonders. We have also found his lead training so helpful along with recall. Highly recommended especially with a lively puppy!"


"Well, what can I say except If you are thinking of getting some training for your dog then dont hesitate to contact Kyle. I felt at ease the moment we started which is great ad this was transfered down the lead to Rocco. We had a great training session and I was given the right tools and confidence to be able to continue getting the most out of our walks knowing we got this!"

Screen Shot 2024-01-13 at 16.46.47.png

"I have a very willful Collie with a very high prey drive so walking her on lead was a real struggle as she would pull and try to chase/lunge at cars. After struggling with this for a few months I started having sessions with Kyle and there has been a massive improvement. I'm so happy with the progress. Kyle showed me a variety of techniques and tips to use with her. Not only have these improved our walks and her car chasing urges, but I have also seen improvement in her recall off lead, got her to stop chasing the hoover, and stop jumping up at people. I would definitely recommend Kyle! Thank you!"

Screen Shot 2024-01-13 at 16.54.04.png

"I couldn’t recommend enough! Kyle helped us with our 5 year old Patterdale Fergus, who was very protective over our house. He would dive at the door whenever someone knocked, barking and then charge out the door once it was opened. He also would bark at people walking by. Kyle has given us the tools to stop this and I was so shocked how quickly he got with it! Now he waits in his bed while we open the door and doesn’t come out until we tell him too. Kyle was so nice and brilliant with Fergus, thank you so much."

Screen Shot 2024-01-13 at 16.58.01.png

"After an hour session with Kyle, Luna is now much more friendly when people come to the door and is now comfortable being approached by people and other dogs while on walks. Couldn’t recommend enough, best decision we made to help our girl to be calmer!"

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