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About Us

Here at the Yorkshire dog trainer, we believe that owning a pet is a wonderful and rewarding experience, but also a responsibility, not a luxury.


Properly training your dog will help you understand them better and I firmly believe that the relationship between owner and dog is one of mutual understanding and respect. We take great pride in our ability to provide owners with the best training options for all dog breeds and any issues you may have.


This includes everything from basic puppy training to behavior modification and advanced obedience training. Our goal is to create a service that fits your lifestyle and goals. Call to learn more about our unique training methods. 

Head Trainer

Kyle, Our head trainer's expertise with dogs ranges from the youngest puppies to large, difficult and aggressive dogs. He is able to assess your dogs behaviour quickly and give you the best solution to any problems you may have with your dog.


He has worked all over the country with all breeds both helping with obedience training and stopping bad behaviour such as aggression, lead pulling, and constant barking. He can help with puppy training showing you how to stop mouthing, biting, and jumping up which can make having a young puppy a difficult experience for the first few weeks.

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